Who We Are

Practical educational and civic transformation.

DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to transforming the community and empowering students in the District of Columbia.


We believe that every DC student in need of additional academic and non-academic support can and should have access to a tutor or mentor. We are committed to making that happen.

One can never emphasize enough the transformative power one-on-one relationship holds. Such relationships have the power to change public narratives from, “There’s a problem in someone else’s neighborhood and we can’t do anything about it.” to “By helping one kid in need, I’m building bridges and good will in our city. I’m changing lives for the better.”

There are no simple answers when it comes to solving community issues. But we believe in a hopeful future, one that is only to be found in community members feeling bound together by a civic faith and deeper purposes. DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative will make a major contribution to this cause.

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