Education Resources for Adults

Practical educational and civic transformation.

Back on Track DC *** (Great place for adults to start since they can connect you to other services!)
You can access a variety of Adult Educational programs that offer services to adults who already have a diploma but want to work on their skills. This program is a one-stop resource for District residents of all ages who want to get back on track with their plans to pursue a secondary education credential and a career pathway.
Link: https://backontrackdc.osse.dc.gov/

The UDC Community College – Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning-
The mission of the Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning is to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the District of Columbia by enhancing the skills of its residents. It provides District of Columbia residents with job skills training that enables them to pursue employment opportunities.
Link: https://www.udc.edu/cc/workforce-development/

Washington Literacy Center
WLC teaches basic skills – word attack (sounding things out), fluency (reading at a proper pace), and comprehension (understanding and thinking critically) to adults who read below a fifth grade level.
Link: https://www.washlit.org/

Washington Literacy Council
The mission of the Washington Literacy Council is to raise the literacy level of adults and children in the nation’s capital. To do this, the WLC trains volunteers to use a structured reading program based on the latest research in language acquisition.
Link: https://www.washingtonliteracycouncil.org/

Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides a free online tutoring service and you can do activities based on the areas you may struggle with.
Link: https://www.khanacademy.org/