Civic Fest 2018

Imagine a weekend festival that combines music and the arts; thought-provoking workshops, speakers and conversation; community; and nature – all aimed at giving us the inspiration to work together to build stronger communities and more fulfilling lives for ourselves.

Please join us for the first Civic Fest on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at beautiful Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park between 15th and 16th St. in Columbia Heights.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for updates.

Please mark your calendars. We hope to see you there!

Community Outreach Workshop & Breakfast (Fall 2017)

Help us create a public campaign to transform education and our civic culture by joining a Community Leadership and Outreach Team that will get the word out on October 7th about our work — and perhaps at farmers markets and public spaces for a couple of hours each month. We are holding a Community Outreach Workshop & Breakfast from 9-10:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 7 followed by canvassing at Taste for DC and other DC locations.
This fun and thought-provoking workshop will combine lots of good networking and leadership practice, a little bit of singing(!), a TED Talk-like presentation and the opportunity to meet people who are ready to roll up their sleeves to make a better world.
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Neighborhood Field Day – Meridian Hill Park, Saturday, June 24th, 2017, 9:30 – noon

Join your neighbors, young and old, at our first Neighborhood Field Day.  

Free food, walking club, art projects, games and more to get to know your neighbors and enjoy the outdoors… and maybe get more involved in your community through one of our 40 tutoring and mentoring organizations or school partners. IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND, PLEASE GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE — — AND CLICK ON THE “GOING” or “INTERESTED” BUTTONS TO LET US KNOW. (This is our FIRST event and we are trying to figure out how many people to expect!) Thank you in advance!

We are also looking for more parks, schools, or other locations  for Saturday or Sunday morning get-togethers where future events where people can walk, run, do yoga or other types of exercise, or play team games around the city. Learn more by clicking here on our flyer or sign up and we will let you know when Field Days come to your neighborhood!

Got questions or want to help out? Please contact Gracie or Pat at or 202-688-1261.

College Nights with DCTMI and SELF

DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative and the Student Education and Leadership Fund want you to join us for an evening of learning and inspiration titled College Nights. We are looking for members of the community that will dedicate a night to supporting high school students one-on-one. College Nights will focus on strengthening connections by sharing personal and professional experiences, teaching students about post-graduation options, and reviewing materials for job and college applications. As a volunteer, you will be working with students who have brilliant aspirations but might not have the support system to maneuver the complex post-graduation process. Come join us; sign up for one or both opportunities below!

College Night at Washington Leadership Academy, Thursday May 4th, 2017: Sign up here.

College Night at Dunbar Public High School, Friday May 5th, 2017: Sign up here.

Martin Luther King Day of Canvassing Service – Monday, Jan. 16, 2017 – 10-2 pm

Help us create a world of love and wisdom, compassion and justice.

Sign up now on Eventbrite! We NEED your help!

We will be canvassing at the African-American History Museum and from locations around the city and, if we have enough volunteers, in the suburbs, too.

The goals of the DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative are simple: We are recruiting a tutor or mentor for the more than 60,000 students reading below grade level or who  need extra academic or non-academic support in the District of Columbia. Add in extra classroom and after-school help or extra mentoring or support for family members and we will transform educational outcomes in the city, develop our workforce, end intergenerational poverty, and  create a vibrant, welcoming and safe city for all people where we work together across divisions of class, race and ideology.

The campaign will transform both education AND the civic life of the city — and serve as a model for the nation.  It won’t happen fast but — like physical exercise for long-term health — it’s a practical approach, and probably our best hope for breaking through our country’s divisions, indifference and inertia.

Sign up now to walk from locations around the city.  Then canvass at the MLK Memorial, in front of stores and at Metro stops around the city and suburbs to sign up people to become tutors and mentors, to educate, or get them involved in other ways.  We keep it positive but not passive.  Appropriately assertive, but not aggressive

We remind people that we are all in this world together.  We are on the same team and we have a responsibility for our community and for our world.  If we don’t do it, it won’t get done and we’ll all lose.  We need to put down our smart phones and organize our lives so we have the time to work together and get to know each other face-to-face and with our hearts.

We are planting the seeds of change.  If the people we talk to feel too busy, are too distrustful, or seem indifferent, let them go and genuinely thank them for taking the time to listen.  Remember that what you say may soak into their hearts later or perhaps they had some traumatic experiences when they were younger that leave them scared and unable to connect with people.  we give them the benefit of the  doubt.

Here’s what we say. Change it to make it work for you…

“We are looking for volunteer mentors and tutors to help kids around the city. ”

“Only 1 out of 4 kids are reading at grade level in DC.

“We are working with 40 partner organizations and schools around the city to find them volunteers.  Any day of the week or time of day, we’ve got partners who need your help, whether its tutoring in reading or math, helping with a sports or arts program, or being a big brother or sister.”

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