Community Outreach Workshop & Breakfast

Practical educational and civic transformation.

Help us create a public campaign to transform education and our civic culture. Learn more about joining a Community Leadership and Outreach Team to get the word out about the need to get people involved as tutors and mentors. We are holding a Community Outreach Workshop & Breakfast from 9-10:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 7 followed by an hour of canvassing at Taste for DC and other DC locations for those who can make it.
This fun and thought-provoking workshop will combine lots of good networking and leadership practice, a little bit of singing(!), a TED Talk-like presentation and the opportunity to meet people who are ready to roll up their sleeves to make a better world.

Many of our partner organizations work in elementary, middle and high schools where LESS THAN 5% of students are on track academically! Overall, only 1 out of 3 DC students are reading at grade level and many more have other academic and non-academic needs. Our 40 partner tutoring and mentoring organizations and schools need thousands more volunteers to begin to address the full needs of students in DC and surrounding communities.

Strike Up a Civic Friendship

Our new approach to canvassing is different — and more fulfilling than what you may have done before: Our goal is to sign up people as tutors and mentors AND to strengthen our “civic friendships,” the sense of connection and shared goals we would like to have with people in our community.

We want all of our conversations to end on a positive note. We hope that you feel empowered to walk and chat with the people you meet, tell them briefly about what we are trying to do and why it is important, and leave them feeling that it’s wonderful that there are good people in the community working to make a better world — whether they are ready to sign up immediately, take a flier, or just continue on their day. Have a good conversation with a “stranger,” as President Obama recommended in his Farewell Address. Help us plant seeds of good will and hope that create the civic culture we need to tackle our major local and national challenges in the long term.

What Will You Get Out of It?

Get out of your comfort zone and develop the leadership, communication and people skills that will serve you well as an organizational leader, teacher, coach, parent and friend! Meet cool people who also care about making a better world! And of course we’ll provide a good breakfast, too.:)

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