Our First Outreach Workshop & Breakfast

Practical educational and civic transformation.

Our First Outreach Workshop & Breakfast

Thank you all who came to our first DCTMI Outreach Breakfast & Workshop! We had a great time learning about all of you, from individual volunteers to long-time partners. DCTMI is planning to do more events like this, with the next Breakfast planned for Sunday, October 22 from 10-12:30.

Here’s a summary of what we covered, for those who couldn’t make it.

The breakfast started with a quick meet-and-greet and a short ice-breaker. Tom opened by talking about how our public campaign to get a tutor or mentor for every student who needs extra support can both transform education in DC AND provide the shared purpose  we need to get people working together across class, race and ideology for the common good — in the District of Columbia and as a model for the country. After that, we launched into the nuts and bolts of canvassing, with a focus on good, positive interactions. The Breakfast finished up with a few practice runs, one person playing the canvasser and the other a prospective volunteer.

Directly after the breakfast we carpooled over to Taste of DC (and Army 10-Miler) at RFK Stadium and put what we learned into action. Overall, we passed out hundreds of flyers and recruited more than a dozen volunteers — and  some, we hope, who will link us to their employers, who in turn will sponsor employee teams to support our partners! Once again, thanks to all who participated.