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Practical educational and civic transformation.

Let’s Get Civic

#letsgetcivic By Cassondra Meadows Lets get civic! It sounds great and catchy, but is it more than just a phrase to sling around? Absolutely. Being civic-minded means thinking about our city, Washington, D.C., first. In my experience, thinking “civic” means taking action on issues D.C. faces. Communities are made up of many people with different experiences and backgrounds, not just one person. Taking civic action should not fall to one individual; it should be tackled…
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Stepping outside the schoolhouse gates

I teach because… Every year, before embarking on a new school year, I’d sit down to finish this sentence. Such reflection is necessary to steel yourself for the grueling, ten-month ordeal that lies ahead. I teach because all children deserve a teacher who cares about them. I teach because all children deserve to grapple with rigorous academic content in a safe and engaging space. I teach because there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a student…
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