Employer & Corporate Volunteering

Practical educational and civic transformation.


Bring civic engagement to your workplace!

Not only does encouraging employees to volunteer help improve our communities, but it’s a great way to build community in your workplace. Sign up to be contacted workplace opportunities, or learn more about the benefits of workplace involvement in community engagement below.

Ways to get involved


Encourage Employees

Encourage employees to get involved through newsletters or other material on the need for more community members to get involved and how they can help.


Provide Resources

Support volunteer teams of tutors and mentors by providing transportation or facilitating the commute to a school or tutoring site.


Flexible Hours

Permit employees to have a flexible schedule one day of the week so they could volunteer or give them paid time off or other incentives (The consulting firm Deloitte gives its employees up to 48 hours a year for volunteering.)

Download our Business Employer 2-Page Flyer or Government or Nonprofit Organization Flyer.