Practical educational and civic transformation.

CivicFest 2019 – August 3rd

CivicFest was created to rekindle our sense of hope and passion to strive for a better world by strengthening our communities through involvment in the arts, environment, tutoring and mentoring, and advocacy.  There is plenty to do at CivicFest, including: dancing to different styles of music, qigong and yoga lessons, arts and crafts, and plenty of local non-profits to help you get involved!


Connect with local organizations to become more involved in your community.


Work with others to create cool pieces of art, including the “Canopy of Hope”.

Be Active

Take qigong (tai chi) and yoga classes with others throughout the day.


Enjoy the numerous activities designed for the whole family.

Want to learn more?  Visit the CivicFest 2019 website!