Our Vision

Practical educational and civic transformation.

It takes a village. 

Our goal, while ambitious, is far from impossible.  There are more than 6 million adults in the DC Metro area, and if we all commit just an hour or two a week, every student will have the academic support they need.  You have the chance to improve a child’s future, so what are you waiting for?


Small steps lead to big changes.

It is easy to feel discouraged when faced with a massive problem, but you just have to break it down.  Each child to receive academic support is a life you are improving and setting up for a brighter future, and any time you commit gets us closer to our goal.  We want to help maximize the impact you make: learn how we help you make a difference.

Our services. 

A lot goes into finding 60,000 students a tutor or mentor.  We provide a whole host of services, free of charge, to attack the issue from all angles. 

Finding your perfect match

We factor in your availability, location, age preference, and skills to connect you with one of our 40 local partners in need of your help. 

Providing resources

We want to make sure you feel ready to tutor or mentor a child.  We offer both online and occasional in-person resources for you to take advantage of, for free. 

Raising Awareness

One of the biggest challenges any cause faces is awareness of their issue.  Every week, we are all over DC encouraging people to get involved and help solve the education crisis.  

Helping parents

While not our main goal, we will do all we can to help your child get the assistance they need.