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Good communities have people who feel a sense of responsibility for the health of the community as a whole, and who act on that feeling. It benefits the community, helps us as individuals, and contributes to building a stronger democracy where people treat each other as friends rather than strangers or enemies.

DCTMI is starting neighborhood conversations and walks this summer with several goals in mind:

  • CONNECTION: Help people who want to be involved meet and connect with one another.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Help folks learn more about their neighborhood as a whole, its strengths and weaknesses, its people, its “potholes,” as well as its places of beauty or delight. Get the statistics, observe firsthand, and talk to people about their perceptions.
  • ACTION: By the end of the process, we hope that each person in the group will decide to work together to strengthen the community, either working together, in subgroups, or as individuals. We will do our best to provide ongoing support.

Options for Action and Community Service

  • Get a small group together to become tutors or mentors at a local school
  • Help DCTMI recruit tutors and mentors for the local schools at farmers markets, parks, coffee shops or other neighborhood gathering places
  • Host a neighborhood cleanup
  • Host a block party to create a more welcoming atmosphere
  • Start a neighborhood exercise group for walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, etc.
  • Start a mom’s group
  • Support your local PTA or other neighborhood nonprofit organizations
  • Support homebound seniors
  • Help people who are dealing with mental health issues
  • Connect with a stranger or a neighbor you don’t know
  • Advocate to create a more equitable, sustainable, and thriving community at the city-wide level…
  • What else can you think of?


Want to Help Us Get Started?

We’ll handle logistics and food if you could help us bring together 6-12 people who want to make their community stronger. Host at a local coffee shop, restaurant, or home. Perhaps start with a walking tour of the neighborhood. We’ll work with you to make it a meaningful and energizing conversation. Interested? Contact us at info@dcTutorMentor.org or 202-688-1261.



DC Tutoring and mentoring initiative (DCTMI) logo