Bodhisattva Saturday Mornings

Practical educational and civic transformation.

Civic Leadership Practice Every Saturday, 9 – 10:30 a.m. by the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Feel a sense of responsibility to make a better world? We need leaders who can act with courage, wisdom, kindness, vision and integrity.   Join us and become “the change we wish to see in the world.”

A “Bodhisattva” is a person devoted to developing the wisdom and compassion needed to act for the benefit of all. Create a community of practical idealists – of bodhisattvas – who support one another and develop our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits to be the best leaders we can be — regardless of our formal position. Here’s what we’ll be doing:
  • Run or walk around the Reflecting Pool. Go solo, pick a partner, or join a group for exercise and/or conversation. (Learn more on the value of exercise here.)
  • Meditate, reflect, journal or pray. (Learn more about the value of solitude here.)
  • Warm-down with yoga or light group exercises and share your reflections.
  • OPTIONAL: Join us afterwards for Civic Canvassing at local farmers markets.
We must learn to live [and work] together as brothers [and sisters] or perish together as fools. – Dr. Martin Luther King It’s going to take more than change in our political leaders and policies to fix what’s broken in the U.S. We need a change in our civic culture, and that starts with real leadership— even if starts with only a small number of people.  Interested in participating?  Sign up below:
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