What We Do

Practical educational and civic transformation.

DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative (DCTMI) bridges programs, volunteers, and schools so that every student in the District gets the additional academic and non-academic support they deserve.


According to standardized test scores, more than two-thirds of the District’s 80,000 students need more academic and non-academic support. This community-wide problem we are facing right now is one that requires a community-wide response.

DCTMI aims to bridge the gulf between the need and the current capacity, starting with some building blocks already in place. There are many organizations and schools already doing good work in tutoring and mentoring students. The reality is that these groups need more and better community support.

DCTMI recruits and mobilizes local volunteers from universities, student organizations, congregations and more to provide tutors and mentors to the District’s elementary, middle and high school students in need of additional support. We link volunteers with tutoring/mentoring programs and organizations already in operation and provide on-going support to these organizations and programs as they continue to impact the many lives of DC children in need.

Our strive towards empowering students in the District and bringing positive difference to the community can be maintained only through the involvement of all sectors from our community. Mostly, we need your involvement. A sustainable approach to a sustainable success needs a strong and sturdy foundation, one rooted in the commitment to take more responsibility for our community as a whole.

As the African proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child. It takes your effort as well as ours to bring change in the lives of the community’s youth.

So Get Involved now.

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