Civic Leadership

Practical educational and civic transformation.

Our political, social, and economic worlds are in need of major repair. The only way to fix them for the long-term is if we all get involved and take more responsibility for one another and our broader world. We call this mindset civic leadership. Others talk about similar or overlapping concepts: servant leadership, public service, Bodhisattvas, civic duty, civic responsibility, shared humanity. We don’t care what you call it. We do care that we find a way to work together for our shared future.

The set of projects and pages here move beyond tutoring and mentoring to other ways that you can get involved and get on an upward spiral of civic action and self-development. We hope that you will join us — whether you are working directly with us or with the many like-minded individuals and organizations in the U.S. trying to repair our communities, democracy, and world. Learn more on the following pages:

Civic Leadership Pledge

Commit to building your capacity to think globally, act locally, and practice daily to improve yourself and make a better world!

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Bodhisattva Saturday Mornings

Join us at the Lincoln Memorial for walking reflection, dialogue, meditation or prayer (your choice),  and a community of people dedicated to being the best human beings we can be!

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Civic Leadership Team

Help DCTMI or other nonprofits as part of a leadership team.

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The Ripple App

Track your progress educating yourself, centering yourself, and taking action to make a better world and fight racism! Use the Android or iPhone app or the website.

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Political Pen Pals

Reach out to voters from different political persuasions for ongoing dialogue to find common ground. (Coming soon.)

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Civic Imagination Podcast & Videos

Imagine a better world and learn what others are doing to make it a reality! (Coming soon.)

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CivicFest was created to rekindle our sense of hope. There is plenty to do at CivicFest, including: dancing to different styles of music, qigong and yoga lessons, arts and crafts, and plenty of local non-profits to help you get involved in the arts, environment, tutoring and mentoring, and advocacy!

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Civic Leadership Certificate

Develop the skills you need to make a positive impact in your career and in your life AND to help us build the team of thoughtful, emotionally intelligent, and effective leaders we need to accomplish the mission of the DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative (DCTMI).

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Civic Leadership Scholarship

Nearly two thousand dollars in cash prizes will be awarded to high school and college students who demonstrate the potential for extraordinary leadership. Applicants do not need prior experience in community engagement.

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