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So many ways to help.

We understand everyone’s schedules are different, which is why we offer several ways for you to work with us.


Volunteers are the heart of DCTMI. By creating a one-on-one bond with a child, you not only help with their academics, but you empower them to take what they learn and apply it to their communites. As a result, both the student and their community grow stronger.

Partner with us

If you have an existing tutoring or mentoring organization, partnering with us will help help your organization grow allow us to create better matches for our volunteers. We connect volunteers with your non-profit based on location, avaliablilty, and special skills you may be looking for.

Recruit others

Tutoring or mentoring is a great way to create stronger relationships with others, especially your co-workers. Many companies use community service as a way to improve the bonds between their employees and improve the workplace environment, all while giving back to the community.