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Join Our Team

DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative offers paid internships, a paid fellowship program, and works with talented freelancers in our area. Rates are hourly and competitive, based on experience and commitment.

  • College student or recent graduate? Apply to become an Outreach Lead, Civic Leadership Fellow, or Intern

  • Experienced in youth services and/or community activism? Help us develop partnerships in the community.

  • Got specific technical and/or creative skills? Help us with social media, web design and maintenance, video editing, and more.


Lend us your skills and expertise

DCTMI is always on the lookout for professionals in our community who can support with their technical or professional skills and expertise. Ongoing and project-based needs include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Web development and maintenance
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Media relations
  • Partnership development
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Channel your passion. prepare for your career.

Become a Civic Leadership Fellow

DCTMI is looking for students (undergraduate or graduate) and community members wanting to have a positive impact on the Washington, DC, education landscape and help create a national model for civic transformation. The Civic Leadership Fellows program is a paid, year-long opportunity to develop your leadership skills, gain tangible community organizing experience through face-to-face outreach, and grow in your ability to be a centered, self-aware, kind, and courageous human being and leader.

Web Design

Learn how to code and use different applications you can use in the real world. You will have the opportunity to work on web development, database management, and more!

Social Media/ Marketing

Manage social media accounts while exploring different ways to increase engagement and exposure. Use analytic and statistical data to grow our following.

Community Outreach

Reach out and manage different community organizations and volunteers. Learn valuable communication, organization, and management skills while growing your DC network.

Internship positions

Want real world experience? Look no further!

Becoming a DCTMI intern is an excellent way to take on projects supporting your career goals and interests. Our goal is to prepare you to be the thoughtful, courageous, and dynamic mission-driven professionals and change agents that the world needs today.

Interns are expected to participate in two meetings a week: one civic leadership meeting and one tactical/operational meeting at the beginning of each week. Interns’ responsibilities fall into two buckets: supporting the day-to-day operations of matching volunteers with partners, updating the database, and canvassing on weekends/in the evenings. 

We expect 10-20 hours during the academic year and 30-40 hours over the summer. These internships are paid at a competitive hourly rate.

Become an outreach lead

Outreach with Us

Are you an agent of change? Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone to have important discussions about things that matter? 

Our outreach activities do just that, both face-to-face and virtually. The face-to-face includes canvassing and tabling at public spaces such as farmers markets and festivals, the virtual includes phone banking to connect with people who have signed up with us. 

We offer volunteer and paid positions (depending on level of commitment and performance). 

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DC Tutoring and mentoring initiative (DCTMI) logo