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From farmers markets to festivals, we're out there making connections to strengthen civic engagement.
Farmers Markets, Festivals and More
Where we sign up most of our volunteers
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An annual gathering filled with good causes and fun.
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DC Volunteers with DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative
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Outreach Events

Farmers Markets, Festivals, Civic Canvassing Saturday, and More

We are a regular presence at more than 20 farmers markets from March through October. We’ve signed up over 2000 volunteers at farmers markets in 2022 and met people from all walks of life. Come and say hi — or better yet — join us and become an Outreach Lead.   Join us on Saturday, Nov. 5th, for a morning of canvassing around the city focused on raising awareness, too.  Sign up here.


mentor Recruitment Fairs

These events are unique because attendees listen to short presentations of a dozen or more mentoring/tutoring organizations, one after the other, before joining breakout rooms to talk to representatives from these programs. Find out who presents at these virtual events and watch past presentations. 

Annual Event


CivicFest was created to rekindle our sense of hope and passion to strive for a better world by strengthening our communities through involvment in the arts, environment, tutoring and mentoring, and advocacy. There is plenty to do at CivicFest, including: dancing to different styles of music, qigong and yoga lessons, arts and crafts, and plenty of local non-profits to help you get involved!

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