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The Power of Mentoring

The Power of Mentoring: From D.C.’s Dunbar High School to Georgetown’s Business School Emma Brown recently wrote an article in The Washington Post about a student who rose from poverty in DC to a successful graduate of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. When being interviewed about his success, he spoke of the impact that two…
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Tutor works with student at Northstar Tutoring (photo curtesy of Northstar Tutoring)

My Cinderella Night: Reflections on College Nights and the Future of DCTMI

DCTMI and Student Education and Leadership Fund (SELF) hosted two College Nights, at Washington Leadership Academy on May 4th and Dunbar High School on May 5th. College Nights were formed in an effort to bring volunteers and students together. We had two main goals. First, our recruited volunteers had been having difficulties following through the…
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Just Call Me Paul

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained” – Shawn Hitchcock If it wasn’t for Paul, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I currently am having now. I am wrestling for one of the most successful college programs in Division 3 and doing an internship in Washington…
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Let’s Walk to Lower Blood Pressure and Build Bridges

The DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative is making steady progress in recruiting new volunteers and creating a public campaign to get a tutor or mentor for each of the 60,000+ students reading below grade level or with other academic or non-academic needs. However, progress is slower than we would like and we are committed to…
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Spotlight: Jan’s Tutoring House

Jan’s Tutoring House Fueled by the belief that education is a shared responsibility and that students should be challenged to meet their full potential, Jan’s Tutoring House has been fostering positive character development in the District’s youth for twenty five years. Founded by political activist and public servant, Jan Eichhorn, in March of 1990,…
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Thanksgiving 2016

Thank you to our organizational partners and to the people who have volunteered with us. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for sharing your time, your imagination and vision. We hope that we can honor your trust. To family and friends, old and new, thanks for all your encouragement and support. To our “fellow…
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David Brooks: Can People Change (and get more involved in their communities) after Middle Age?

We at DCTMI spend a good deal of time thinking about how to engage different demographic groups in our work to get a tutor or mentor for the 60,000+ students in DC who need extra help.  In neighborhoods like Columbia Heights and NoMa, most people who sign up with us are in their 20s and…
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