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“Students Learn From People They Love”: Joanna’s Reflections

Growing up I had severe ADHD and I would often find my name always on the red section on the behavior chart… However, in fourth grade, I had a great teacher, a teacher who didn’t believe I was a “bad” child.

“Students Learn from People They Love”: Tynetta’s Reflections

At my work at DCTMI, I was recently introduced to an article by New York Times columnist David Brooks called “Students Learn From People They Love: Putting relationship quality at the center of education” and the title itself made me reflect on my own relationship with education. In my personal experience, being taught five subjects at once made it difficult for me to grasp information. I would come home and not know how to do…
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Yuka’s Story “Everything you achieve comes from something you attempt”

If you knew me when I first studied abroad in Canada, you would be surprised that since I came back from Canada, I have studied abroad in Ireland for a year and now am in Washington DC, doing the internship. I studied abroad in Canada because I wanted to change myself. I was the kind of person that always compare myself to others and got disappointed with myself. My mom was worried about me and…
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CivicFest 2018: Here comes the sun!

After several days of heavy rain and overcast weather, Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park came alive during CivicFest 2018!   Last Saturday, DCTMI was joined by over 30 nonprofits – from tutoring and mentoring organizations, to environmental advocates, to fitness groups. Throughout the day, attendees learned about the critical issues facing our community and the work that needs to be done to build a safer, more equitable, and more compassionate DC. Many reported signing up for…
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Let’s Get Civic

#letsgetcivic By Cassondra Meadows Lets get civic! It sounds great and catchy, but is it more than just a phrase to sling around? Absolutely. Being civic-minded means thinking about our city, Washington, D.C., first. In my experience, thinking “civic” means taking action on issues D.C. faces. Communities are made up of many people with different experiences and backgrounds, not just one person. Taking civic action should not fall to one individual; it should be tackled…
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