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Practical educational and civic transformation.

There are many ways you can assist a child in the District who needs additional academic and non-academic support. Join us in our journey toward empowering DC students and transforming the community.


Volunteers are at the heart of DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative. Strengthening and empowering local youth by creating one-on-one relationships results in changing the lives of both the student and the tutor/ mentor. Ultimately, this wholly and authentically transforms communities.

Sign up as a tutor or a mentor to support a child in need, and see the impact you can have on your community.

Sign up here to volunteer.


Ask Your Employer

Talk to your employer about helping out at a school program during the school day or getting a group of co-workers to support a local school or program. Click here to learn more.



Do you have an existing tutoring or mentoring organization that should be included in the DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative? Does your business or organization have resources that could support us or one of organizations? Reach out to us! There are many ways to support DCTMI outside of volunteering, and we want you to be a part of our effort!

Is civic engagement a part of your business’s or organization’s mission and vision? Click here to learn more about how you can get employees involved with the DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative.

For a list of our partners, click here.


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We welcome you to take a look here to see where your contributions are needed at this time. Thank you for your generosity and support!


Click the map below to see where tutoring and mentoring organizations throughout the city on the DC Community Platform.

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