Practical educational and civic transformation.

Volunteers are at the heart of DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative. Strengthening and empowering youth by creating one-on-one relationships results in changing the lives of both the student and the tutor/ mentor. Ultimately, this transforms communities.

Sign up as a tutor or a mentor to support DC youth in need, and see the impact you can have on your community.

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Corporate Volunteering

We can help your company, organization, or agency be a greater and more visible force for good in DC and a model for communities across the country. There are a number of ways that you can help us make a difference:

  1. Host a presentation for employees by DCTMI or one of our partners about how employees can get involved as tutors, mentors, or on outreach teams.
  2. Encourage employees to get involved through newsletters or other material on the need for more community members to get involved and how they can help.
  3. Support volunteer teams of tutors and mentors by providing transportation or facilitating the commute to a school or tutoring site.
  4. Permit employees to have a flexible schedule one day of the week so they could volunteer at a local school or other site — especially during the school day or from 3-5 pm when many of our partners work with kids after school.
  5. Give paid volunteer time or time off to employees or other types of support/incentives. (The consulting firm Deloitte, for example, gives its employees up to 48 hours a year for volunteering.)

To learn more about the benefits of corporate or employer volunteering for your organization and employees, check out our 2-page flyers or visit the following sites:

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DCTMI and Government/Nonprofit Organization Volunteering

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