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Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are at the heart of DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative. Volunteering not only helps the students we tutor but ourselves as well. Learn more about the benefits of tutoring or mentoring a child below, and click here to volunteer or subscribe to our newsletter.

Personal growth

Mentoring children helps us slow down and re-evaluate our own lives. Many people have testified on the positive changes volunteering has provided for them. If you are interested in hearing their stories, click “learn more”.

Giving back

We all have been blessed with so many privilages in our daily lives, many of which we don’t even realize. Volunteering helps make the communities which helped us succeed grow ever stronger. Click “learn more” to see how even canvassing strenghtens our communities.

Creating bonds

Working one-on-one with students creates connections that will last a lifetime. Not only that, but volunteering is a great way to strenghten relationships with colleauges and friends. Click “learn more” to see how volunteering can benefit your workplace.