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It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village By Rob Sanford “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Coretta Scott King (2000)   I remember my dad playing catch with me when I was 7, and my mom walking me through multiplication tables when I was 10. I remember older Boy Scouts teaching me leadership skills when I was 13, and the many moments my English teacher gave me guidance…
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Leaping Over Hurdles to get Volunteers in Schools

Leaping Over Hurdles to Get Volunteers in Schools By Erika Heddesheimer   The expectations placed upon teachers in our current educational system are overwhelming, especially at schools where a majority of students are struggling with fundamentals. In D.C. specifically, two out of three kids are reading below grade level. During the 2016-2017 school year, only around 30% of students scored Level 4 or 5 on the end-of-year Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and…
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Stepping outside the schoolhouse gates

I teach because… Every year, before embarking on a new school year, I’d sit down to finish this sentence. Such reflection is necessary to steel yourself for the grueling, ten-month ordeal that lies ahead. I teach because all children deserve a teacher who cares about them. I teach because all children deserve to grapple with rigorous academic content in a safe and engaging space. I teach because there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a student…
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Our First Outreach Workshop & Breakfast

Thank you all who came to our first DCTMI Outreach Breakfast & Workshop! We had a great time learning about all of you, from individual volunteers to long-time partners. DCTMI is planning to do more events like this, with the next Breakfast planned for Sunday, October 22 from 10-12:30. Here’s a summary of what we covered, for those who couldn’t make it. The breakfast started with a quick meet-and-greet and a short ice-breaker. Tom opened by talking about…
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(photo curtesy of Northstar Tutoring)

Northstar Tutoring

Living in a family with low income can be difficult for any child, especially if the child wants to be successful in school and in a career. There are many academic support programs for students in the DC area, but if the student comes from an underprivileged family the student won’t have the finances to pay for that support. That is why Northstar Tutoring provides tutors who will help these kids achieve academic success, as…
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