Our Team

Practical educational and civic transformation.

Our Team

DCTMI wouldn’t be able to function without our dedicated staff!

Tom Pollak


Annika Khandelwal

Ripple Dev. & Outreach Intern

Mei Tomko

Outreach & Vol. Mgt Intern

Asia Patton

Outreach, Vol. Mgt, Video Intern

Dominique Jackson

Volunteer Mgt. Intern

Lela Scott

Volunteer Mgt. Intern

Shae Garvin

Communications Intern

Emily Kuhbach

Former Assistant Director

Rebekah Chojnacki

Assistant Director

Molly Stawinoga

CivicFest 2019 Coordinator

Michael Kolovos

Coordinator of Web Development and Marketing

Claire Ochieng

Coordinator of Creative Projects

Fatima Pinkney

Coordinator of Data Entry and Client Communication

Nicole Cooney

Coordinator of Social Media

Skylar Mitchell

Coordinator of Digital Communication

Gabby Wszalek

Coordinator of Employer Outreach and Policy Implementation

Conor Geiger

Coordinator of Marketing and Communication

Ahnika Gantt

Coordinator of Canvassing and Scheduling

Talia Horowitz

Coordinator of Congregational Outreach