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The Power of an Hour

By Gabrielle (Gabby) Wszalek We take it for granted the impact an hour can make. We carve out specific hours in our day to workout, meditate, cook, spend time with […]

CivicFest 2018: Here comes the sun!

After several days of heavy rain and overcast weather, Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park came alive during CivicFest 2018!   Last Saturday, DCTMI was joined by over 30 nonprofits – from […]

Let’s Get Civic

#letsgetcivic By Cassondra Meadows Lets get civic! It sounds great and catchy, but is it more than just a phrase to sling around? Absolutely. Being civic-minded means thinking about our […]

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village By Rob Sanford “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Coretta Scott King (2000)   I remember […]

Leaping Over Hurdles to get Volunteers in Schools

Leaping Over Hurdles to Get Volunteers in Schools By Erika Heddesheimer   The expectations placed upon teachers in our current educational system are overwhelming, especially at schools where a majority […]

Northstar Tutoring

Living in a family with low income can be difficult for any child, especially if the child wants to be successful in school and in a career. There are many […]

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