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Practical educational and civic transformation.

How Being a Tutor or Mentor Corresponds with Being a Civic Leader

Written by: Fatima K M Pinkney Being a tutor or mentor is a way to help individuals whether it is children or young adults in need of some guidance or assistance in different aspects of their lives; whether it is with school or personal issues. When I decided to tutor it was because I wanted to share my knowledge with my students in the hopes that they would take something out of what I taught…
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A Deeper Calling

Written by: Molly Stawinoga My original plan and reason for coming to D.C. this summer was to work at the U.S. Department of State, in a high-level office with access to information that impacted national security. While waiting for my security clearance, I continued interviewing with organizations in Washington in case I found a better or more inspiring offer. Clearly, I am not working at the Department of State — rather, I found that “more…
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Civic Leadership and Reflection

Written by: Rebekah Karth Chojnacki An important quality for my internship site this summer with D.C. Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative is taking the time to exercise, meditation, and reflection, along with the efforts that we do to recruit tutors and mentors for the two out of three students in the D.C. area who are below grade-level in reading or math. Getting acquainted with the community and the real-life experience of people who live in the District…
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“Students Learn from People They Love”: Tynetta’s Reflections

At my work at DCTMI, I was recently introduced to an article by New York Times columnist David Brooks called “Students Learn From People They Love: Putting relationship quality at the center of education” and the title itself made me reflect on my own relationship with education. In my personal experience, being taught five subjects at once made it difficult for me to grasp information. I would come home and not know how to do…
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CivicFest 2018: Here comes the sun!

After several days of heavy rain and overcast weather, Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park came alive during CivicFest 2018!   Last Saturday, DCTMI was joined by over 30 nonprofits – from tutoring and mentoring organizations, to environmental advocates, to fitness groups. Throughout the day, attendees learned about the critical issues facing our community and the work that needs to be done to build a safer, more equitable, and more compassionate DC. Many reported signing up for…
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