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Civic Imagination, Faith, and Leadership: The Art and Science for Making a Better World

What if we are headed on a long downhill slide toward major environmental, social, economic and political failure if we don’t recognize that there are no panaceas and that we need to do more? What if January’s insurrection and our divisive, political landscape presage worse to come? Muddling along has its limits.

But perhaps we can do better, can appeal to “the better angels of our nature,” as Abe Lincoln put it. Perhaps there ARE better ways to organize our lives and communities and economy. We can’t prove it scientifically but there’s ample circumstantial evidence in both research and all around us if we take the time to look, think and reflect.

This show will explore this terrain in detail. It will include segments for both the mind and heart, stories (from the past and present) and data. Unlike other shows, our goals are not merely to inform or entertain, but to be part of the network of real people thinking and working on these issues to make a better world.

Interested in helping us get it off the ground?  Send Tom an email at tom@dcTutorMentor.org.

Click here to read more from the 2015 2-page concept paper.

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