Practical educational and civic transformation.

Want real world experience?  Look no further!

We are looking for individuals with a passion and commitment to improve the world.  Sound like you?  Learn more below or sign up for an interview now!

Internships/Civic Leadership Fellows

We require between 10 and 20 hours during the year and 40 hours over the summer.  There is no compensation, although we can provide a stipend of up to $600 per semester or for the summer.   Team members are expected to participate in weekly team meetings for planning and coordination as well as to discuss a reading, video, or thought-provoking topic.  Our goal is to prepare you to be the thoughtful, courageous, and dynamic servant/civic leaders that communities and the world need today.

Web Design

Learn how to code and use different applications you can use in the real world.  You will have the opportunity to work on web development, database management, and more!

Social Media/Marketing

Manage social media accounts while exploring different ways to increase engagement and exposure.  Use analytic and statistical data to grow our following. 

Community Outreach

Reach out and manage different community organizations and volunteers.  Learn valuable communication, organization, and management skills while growing your DC network.

Graphic Design/Photography

Sharpen your graphic design and photography skills by producing and developing different types of media.  You will have creative freedom to apply your own touch!