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We’re looking for practical idealists: people who don’t give in to hopelessness. People who embrace agency grounded in empathy. People who strive for a better world. Together, we can transform the civic culture of DC and beyond.

Last year, we recruited 2,700 volunteer tutors and mentors to help underprivileged DC kids flourish. Let’s double that number in 2023.

  • Be a part of a 10-person Community Outreach Team for 8 weeks
  • Receive training in community outreach, relational, and other leadership skills
  • Spend roughly 3 hours/week on community outreach and training
  • Build 1 hour of self-care into your day
  • Graduate with a Civic Leadership Certificate  upon completing the Challenge 
  • Challenge yourself to plant hope in our community and our world
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In this volunteer opportunity, you will learn the skills to execute civic outreach, practice self-care, and will work with a team to foster a better community.

60,000 children in the District of Columbia need extra support. You can help them get it while boosting your personal and professional growth, while creating a better world for all of us. Learn more about the Civic Leadership Challenge and sign up to be a volunteer for change by using the form below. Questions? Contact info@dctutormentor.org

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